EMMERICH Piston Diaphragm Pumps

Piston Diaphragm Pumps by Emmerich

Filter Press Feed Pumps/High Pressure/Abrasive Slurry/Harsh Chemical Transfer Pumps

Emmerich Pumpenfabrik Gmbh was founded in 1945 in Cologne, Germany and since has become one of the leading specialists for manufacturing piston diaphragm pumps for filter press feed and to handle abrasive slurries at high pressures.

Emmerich excels in meeting difficult requirements specified by the customer with this system which combines the advantages of the piston pump and the diaphragm pump to pump abrasive and highly viscous media with high levels of solid particles: sludge of all kinds from the coal, clay and cement industries; dye slurry, latex, acids and alkalis from the chemical industry; and seasonings, mustard, jams in the food industry; plus additional areas including industrial and wastewater applications.


An electric motor or other power source drives the piston which transmits the stroke via hydraulic fluid to the diaphragm. During the suction stroke, the valve opens and flows into the diaphragm casing. During the discharge stroke, the material is forced through the discharge valve into the delivery pipe.


Abrasive and highly viscous slurries with a high concentration of solids (e.g. flotation slurry, oxide slurry, coal slurry, metallic hydroxide slurries, kaolin and cement slurry, clay slurry, ceramic muck).
  • High Pressure Filter Press Feed Pump
  • ore slurries (e.g. copper-nickel slurry or bauxite suspensions)
  • media used in the chemicals industry, such as pigment fluffs, latex, acids, lyes
  • products in the food-processing and pharmaceuticals industries
  • as process pumps and for hydraulic transport of solids in reactor charging
  • or charging filters in the field of effluent treatment technology (local authority and industrial waste slurry)
  • feeding of spray dryers
  • red mud treatment in the aluminum industry
  • feeding of coal-to-gas plants
  • feeding in flue gas desulphurisation plants


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Available Emmerich Pump Models & Specifications: Click Model# for more details

Model ER:
Compact, flows to 285 GPM, construction material options: cast iron, rubber-lined and stainless steel.

Model ER-NPPH:
Flows to 285 GPM, pressures to 225 PSI, wetted parts of polypropylene.

Model TKM:
Extremely low pulsation, Triplex Membranes, flows to 1700 GPM, various material of construction.

Model HD:
Pressures to 3500 PSI and flows to 2400 GPM.

Model SP:
Simple construction for ease of maintenance, flows to 285 GPM, various materials of construction.

Model SP-PPH:
Polypropylene construction, flows to 285 GPM and simple construction for ease of maintenance.

Model ATEX-MS:
ATEX / Explosion Proof, flows to 528 GPM, polypropylene pump head and simple construction for ease of maintenance.


Piston diaphragm / membrane pumps from EMMERICH are designed for the most rigorous of industrial applications including filter press feed pumps, sludge and slurry transfer. ATEX/Explosion Proof models available. They get the job done where other pump systems are far past their limits. Here you will see some examples of use of single acting piston pumps with pump head made of stainless steel and single acting triplex piston diaphragm pump with rubber-lined pump head feeding a filter press.

Emmerich Pump Retired After 25 Plus Years

Big Blue was installed at the Gebruder Giulini plant in Ludwigshafen, Germany in 1973 to pump bauxite caustic slurry for aluminum production.

Over its life, it pumped over 1.14 billion gallons of bauxite sludge. The pump capacity is 440 gallons per minute at 600 psi and a weight of 36,000 pounds. The pump was still in production when in 2000 the facility discontinued the aluminum production.

Big Blue was purchased back by Emmerich and today, after a good cleaning and painting, the pump stands at the entry gate of the factory.