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Universal Pumping is North America’s leading supplier of high pressure Piston Membrane Pumps, Piston Diaphragm Pumps and Vertical Ram Pumps from EMMERICH and EMS. Positive Displacement Pumps for the most demanding applications including slurry removal and transport, filter press feeding, grit pumping and removal, de-sludging and more. We design pump systems for major manufacturers including General Motors, city and county municipal waste water management including City of Los Angeles and Watertown, New York, as well as the food and beverage industry, chemical, energy, steel and mining industries.

The EMS Ram Pump is single acting with either hydraulic or mechanical drive. The vertical Ram pump is designed for long life (50 plus years), low maintenance and optimum energy efficiency. This is the most cost-effective solution to pump difficult and abrasive slurries such as Food Waste, Grit, Sand, Grout, Primary Sludge Transfer, and Filter Press Feed.
Every Josef Emmerich Pump is custom manufactured in Germany for each specific application. Emmerich Pumps are extremely high quality and we do not pursue projects where the “initial lowest capital cost” is the customer’s objective. With 70 years of manufacturing experience under our belt, our Piston Membrane/Diaphragm Pumps are “refined tools” for transporting the full gamut from sensitive foods & beverages and pharmaceuticals, to the most abrasive mining ores, gold, and everything in between.


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Filter Press Feed Pump
Abrasive Slurries
Grit and Sand
High Pressure Transfer Pump
Food Waste Pump
Mining Slurries
Primary Sludge Transfer

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✔ Filter Press Feed Pumps
✔ Acids
✔ Beverages
✔ Chemicals
✔ Clay/Kaolin/Ceramics
✔ Energy & Power Plants
✔ Food products
✔ Mining slurries
✔ Steel works
Sludge Transfer Pump
✔ High Pressure Transfer Pump
✔ Pharmaceuticals
✔ Tailings
✔ Wine


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